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Don’t mess with taxi drivers

In the movie “Taxi Driver,” Robert De Niro plays a taxi driver who slowly goes insane over his infatuation with an underage Jodie Foster. He ends up going on a murderous rampage, shooting several people. I saw that movie when I was in elementary school and ever since then I’ve been afraid of taxi drivers.

This week, 47-year-old Guercy Edmond reminded the world not to screw with taxi drivers after he completely ran over a 23-year-old man, leaving him hospitalized with serious injuries.

Edmond can be seen in the screen capture below running over a man who was a passenger in his cab only moments before an argument over the fare ensued. He now faces hit-and-run, assault, and dangerous driving charges.


I’m going to approach this differently than other news sources and immediately blame this whole thing on the passengers of the the taxi based on one single assumption: The passengers were most likely drunk and the driver was not. Update: THEY WERE DRUNK.

The handful of news reports and witness accounts that I’ve read primarily pin the blame on Edmond, the driver. After all, he DID run over a man. Therefore, it must be his fault, right? Wrong.

I don’t think it’s that simple. If you watch the video below, you see a group of men ruthlessly kicking and beating the taxi cab. Right before the victim gets struck by the vehicle, one man even jumps on the hood.

Imagine for a moment that you were Edmonds and had just chauffeured four rowdy drunkards around in your taxi. After arguing about the fare and not paying, they exit the vehicle. You try to stand up for yourself, shouting at them and demanding your money. Instead of paying, they cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your vehicle by surrounding it and kicking it.

Your most logical options for survival are: 1) Get out and physically fight four intoxicated men. 2) Wait in your car and call the police while mindless drunks vandalize the shit out your vehicle. 3) Try to escape by driving away and hope everyone moves out of the way.

If I were Guercy Edmond, I would have gotten out of the taxi and calmly performed a single roundhouse kick that would make perfect contact with the heads of all four assailants, killing them instantly.

Unfortunately, Edmond is not me. He chose the next logical option and frantically drove away.

Witnesses said Edmond appeared to be aiming for the four men, but watch the video again — he was trying to escape. Wouldn’t you react the same way if four men were destroying your car? I know your 2001 Cavalier isn’t worth that much, but it took you months to save the $800 to buy it and I doubt you’d helplessly sit there while people repeatedly kicked it.

It’s ironic how quickly the assholes of this story turned into the victims. The only person who was arrested was Guercy Edmonds, not the guys who were caught on film jumping on his taxi and kicking it.

In the extraordinarily unlikely case that I’m wrong and the four passengers were NOT drunk, then they have even less of an excuse to be kicking and jumping on the taxi.

Alternate angle of an asshole kicking Edmond’s taxi.

After the hit-and-run, the police quickly caught up with Edmond and arrested him. He now faces several years in prison. I’d like to call forth everyone to add him on Facebook and show him some support.

Update: Guercy Edmond was granted bail.

I’d like to see the amount of support for Edmond rival the KONY 2012 movement. Edmond didn’t kidnap children and create child soldiers. He accidentally ran over a drunk guy who fucked with his car.

I created a Facebook fan page dedicated to posting cute kitten pictures and promoting justice for Guercy Edmond. Please like and share the page and feel free to share your opinions and/or kitten photos.

I have a special hatred for anyone who vandalizes a vehicle. I’ve owned two cars that got huge dents kicked into the side of them on separate occasions by random dickbags.

In the end of “Taxi Driver,” De Niro’s character was hailed a hero because everyone that he murdered was a lowlife thug. Why can’t Edmond be hailed a hero for plowing into some drunken turd?

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Comment from hmm.
Time May 1, 2012 at 7:18 pm

I read your post and thought “that damn well may be the case, maybe he was simply trying to escape” as I have only read about it but hadn’t seen the video but my only problem with your perspective on it is this: If 4 “drunk” men are refusing to pay for a service you gave them either call authorities or as what often happens the cab driver drives away empty handed, I don’t agree with that because I can only imagine how terrible some passengers must be BUT when it comes to the point of your vehicle being assaulted then you have more than enough reasons to call the police and have them charged. I agree one may become flustered as a crowd of drunk people kick your vehicle BUT if your intentions are to really just escape from the madness and avoid being hurt he has 4 options of streets from the intersection. I may not know if some of those are one ways or not, but since he is already seen parking sideways in the road I think it is safe to assume he doesn’t mind bending the rules on road safety. Again, I can only imagine there was a lot going on and a group of individuals whether drunk or not are feeding off each others testosterone and rowdy will create chaos but when the driver first attempts to pull away he is seen driving at the group as a warning and when he turns around and does it again he isn’t so lucky. Both groups are at fault in this situation, it takes two to tango. Now one is in the hospital from being run over by a car and the other may spend time in jail for his decisions.

Comment from mobarak
Time September 17, 2012 at 2:26 pm

I drive cab in Toronto, I faced many situations when customers were drunk, violent and fare jumpers… I always try to escape safely in situation of violent reaction of customers to save my life & property…some times they have weapons. Here it was so scary for driver at 4:00 AM in late night 5-6 people attacking on him, what else he could do, He chose right way of escaping the situation…He saved his life, but unfortunately by mistake ran over an attacker….So it should be consider “self defense” situation.

Comment from Maddison
Time August 9, 2013 at 10:35 am

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